About Us

Baby Henry checking out the corn patch. (2013)
Dannik Gardens is a small, family farm located near the base of the Swan Mountains in Columbia Falls, MT. Originally established in 1994, Dannik Gardens is run by Dan and Nicole Fisher, with abundant help from their six children: Vileka, Ben, Abbi, Rose, Sarah, and Henry.

Dan is a fourth generation local farmer, and Dannik Gardens is located on land adjoining the farm on which he was raised. He spent much of his childhood working in his family's retail greenhouse business, Fisher's Greenhouses. Additionally, Dan and his family have been regular vendors at the Kalispell Farmer's Market for nearly 35 years.

Dannik Gardens is committed to growing high quality, fresh produce. Because this is the food we feed our own children, we do all that we can to avoid the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. All three of our large gardens are weeded by hand. And because we hope to see this little piece of land continue to provide nutritious food for our family for many years to come, we utilize sustainable farming practices both to maintain and improve our soil.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at dannikgardensmt@gmail.com.