Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CSA Update

We can't wait to get growing!


Response to our transition from a farm-to-market business model to that of a CSA program has been incredible. Just by word-of-mouth, nearly 1/3 of our shares are already spoken for!

In the last few days I have had a chance to talk with several families about our CSA, and based upon these conversations, we have decided to amend our original pick-up dates/times/locations to better accommodate our members.

Instead of having two pick-up days here at the farm, we will now have one at the farm and one in Kalispell. As before, we will have to limit the number of shares available on each day. The new pick-up dates/times/locations are as follows:

OPTION 1, Columbia Falls:
When: Tuesdays   5:30--7:30 pm
Where: Dannik Gardens farm

OPTION 2, Kalispell:
When: Saturdays   9:00--10:30 am
Where: WalMart parking lot adjacent to the Farmers' Market

Be sure to mark your pick-up preferences on your application. If you have already sent in your application, and had chosen the original Friday option, we will contact you right away to update your choice.


Another issue that we have discussed is the challenge many families may have coming up with the full share cost within one month. Established CSA farms often set up monthly payment plans that begin in December/January so that share costs can be paid-in-full before the growing season begins. Because our decision to change to the CSA model was made within the last month or so, we are not able to offer as much flexibility as we would like. However, as it is our earnest desire to make farm-fresh, local produce as affordable and accessible to as many families as possible, we have decided to provide a modified payment plan.

Option 1: Full payment by May 30, 2014--$475.00

Option 2: Half-payment by May 30, 2014--$237.50
                 Half-payment by June 30, 2014--$237.50

If the full share amount is not paid by June 30, membership will be cancelled and the first installment will be non-refundable. For more information about our financial polices, please see Dannik Gardens CSA: Become a Member.

We hope these changes are helpful. As ever, if you have any questions, please send us an email at dannikgardensmt@gmail.com.