Sunday, December 28, 2014

Despite the Snow, Spring is Near

The Dannik Gardens crew enjoying a snowy afternoon on the south side of the greenhouse.

 Christmas has just past, and the gardens are blanketed by a deep layer of snow. The only plants we are tending are a few hardy succulents in the kitchen window. While we snuggle close to the fire, reading our books, playing games, or just dozing, spring seems far away.

And yet, with the coming of the New Year, we feel it drawing near. Every seed order placed, every pot and flat purchased reminds us; very soon, while the snow is still on the ground, our spring season will begin.

We enjoy visions of spring through the work of our young artists.

While the ground outside remains frozen, in the greenhouse we will once again dig our fingers into piles of soft dirt, inhaling its fragrant promise of new life. We will shed our winter layers and enjoy our own little tropical retreat as we fill seed flats and care for tender new plants. Before the first green leaf appears on any tree, our greenhouse will be filled with a full array of maturing plants, just waiting to be transplanted after the final frost.

Though the world outside our windows is cast in shades of white and grey, the colors of spring remain fresh within.

Yes, for us, spring is very near. We hope that you, too, are already dreaming of the first salad greens, tender peas, and delicate new potatoes. Dannik Gardens will begin offering shares for the 2015 growing season starting on January 1st. We are pleased to be able to offer half-shares, as well as several membership payment options.

Option 1:     Full payment by April 1, 2015--$500.00

Option 2:     Half-payment by February 16, 2015--$250.00
                                Half-payment by April 1, 2015--$250.00
Option 3:     Quarter-payment by January 7, 2015--$125.00
                     Quarter-payment by February 4, 2015--$125.00
                     Quarter-payment by March 4, 2015--$125.00
                     Quarter-payment by April 1, 2015--$125.00


Option 1:     Full payment by April 1, 2015--$265.00

Option 2:     Half-payment by February 16, 2015--$132.50
                                Half-payment by April 1, 2015--$132.50
With one harvest just put away, our hearts and minds begin to turn toward the one to come.
Wishing you all a blessed New Year! See you in the spring!